Everything Is Connected In The New Teaser For BOND:KIZUNA

It’s early days right now, but actor, writer and director Yamakita Ryuji‘s newest directorial feature debut, Bond:Kizuna is already well underway through its promotional campaign via social media. We have our first teaser now making the rounds, aside from the addition of legendary actor Sonny Chiba, it’s indie with a ton of relatively new faces headlined by actor David Yeung (son of Bloodsport co-star Bolo Yeung), actress Courtney Palm, and co-stars Ivory Broome and Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist co-star Gaku Space who are also producing. Suffice it to say, the people behind the action are Nakamura Tadahiro and Abe Tsuyoshi, two veteran action impressarios better known for their contributions to action cinema as members of Sakamoto Koichi’s team, Alpha Stunts, so that should be plenty worth checking out in this latest bit of intertwining, multilayered tale of crime, vengenace and love.