Universal Pictures Is Remaking DEATH RACE Again With Manu Bennett Starring

It’s been eight years since director Paul W.S. Anderson led the effort to reboot the 1975 thriller, Death Race. Actor David Carradine starred in Paul Bartel’s Death Race 2000, an adaptation of Ib Melchior’s classic short story, “The Racer”, before Anderson stepped up with prime action star Jason Statham for Death Race in 2008 with 2 recast direct-to-DVD sequels thereafter.

As of this week, Crackle feature, Extraction helmer Tony Giglio has written the script for a fourth in line with Half Past Dead helmer Don Michael Paul directing. In the meantime, and in confirmation of an entirely serperate production, actor Manu Bennett (Arrow, Spartacus, The Marine) has announced that he will star in a remake to be produced by Roger Corman who produced Bartel’s film.

Excited to be travelling to Lima, Peru, today to start filming the remake of the 1970’s cult classic “Death Race”. 

I am especially excited to have the opportunity to revive the leading role of Frankenstein, originally played by David Carradine. 

The project is being produced by Universal & the film’s original Producer, Roger Corman. Let the Death Race begin!!!!

Bennett currently appears in the new MTV fantasy adventure series, The Shannara Chronicles. In the meantime, there’s no word yet on what the plot will be for Bennett’s portrayal of Frankenstein or who else has been cast or crewed, but we’ll keep you posted.

H/T: The Action Elite