Former Wrestler John Hennigan Deals With The Devil In DIABLO STEEL For 2016

It’s been a few busy years for rising action star and former WWE wrestler John Hennigan. He’s another in a slew of examples of professional athletes taking their entertainment craft into the world of film and much like the last several decades, the result proves to be rewarding in some capacity or another.

Some of Hennigan’s own projects include The Asylum’s Hercules Reborn, Demetrius Navaro’s American Justice, the new MMA drama, Street and webseries projects like Video Game High School and Bat In The Sun’s Superpower Beat Down, and that’s not all among his list of things do. Right now, he’s got a new film set to release next year in the form of action horror western flick, Diablo Steel. The title itself sounds awesome and very commanding of something spectacular for film fans so we’ll see how this end goes soon enough.

Beverly Hills, CA, June 15, 2015 –(– Pro wrestler John Hennigan (a.k.a. John Morrison in the WWE and Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground joins Sunrize Media and Twisted Tall Tale) as the title role in the action horror film “Diablo Steel” set to shoot in late 2015 

Hennigan will portray Diablo Steel, professional wrestler trapped in purgatory who sells his soul to the devil in order to come back from the dead and save the lives of his family and friends from the biker gang that murdered him. 

“My 12 year old self would watch ‘Diablo Steel’ over and over again,” says John, “It’s awesome to collaborate on the creation of an original story that draws on everything I’m passionate about.” 

Ryan McGonagle (“Bloody Bobby”, “Adam & Steve”, “UIWA” as Johnny Hemp) and Jen Mathiasen (“Bloody Bobby”) Co-wrote the action horror. McGonagle and Sundeep Koneru (“Death Never Knocks”) Co-Executive Produce. “Diablo Steel” represents breakout director Ryan McGongale’s debut as a feature director. 

“The movie’ll be like a 70’s superhero western, lots of fights and car chases. Its a cross between ‘Deathwish’ and ‘Big Trouble in Little China’. I couldn’t be more excited about the talent attached to Diablo Steel. I feel incredibly grateful to be collaborating with this group of artists. We really do have the perfect mix for a hit film,” says McGonagle. 

Curt Clendenin (“Blues Brothers”, “Bloody Bobby”, “Legally Blonde”) appears as Diablo Steel’s wrestling manager, C.J. Rodney. Horror movie icon Robert Allen Mukes (“CSI”, “Weeds”, “House of 1000 Corpses” ) rides in the biker gang, “Hounds of Hell,” as gritty outlaw, Rattler. 

Mukes explains, “I’m stoked to be in an action film where I get to ride my motorcycle. People kept telling me for years, I should’ve been on ‘Sons of Anarchy’. Its exciting to be working with this great gang.” 

John T. Connor (“Birdman”, “Her”, “The Purge: Anarchy”, “Looper”) takes the helm as Director of Photography, with Robb Wilson King (“Death Never Knocks”, “Hostel” Part III”, “Breaking Bad”, “MacGruber”) as Production Designer. Chris LeKooreman and Edo Plasschaert of Beat Royalty Group (Sabrina Starke, Boys2Men, Mavien Bliss, Outkast, Hoodie Allen) are creating the soundtrack. 

John Hennigan adds, “Ryan & I have had many conversations about the intersection of super heroes, pro wrestling, and reality. That point where they converge is intriguing to me because that is where my consciousness drifts when I reflect upon the dreams of my childhood.” 

Sunrize Media is a production company in Los Angeles, currently in Pre-Production, on “Diablo Steel”, slated for 2016 release.