OMEGA 1: The Future Is Female, Kick-Ass And Wants You To Join Her Revolution!

If comics are more your speed, the latest pitch trailer for the hopeful relaunch of Mark Edward Lewis and actress and stuntwoman Alina Andrei’s motion comic thriller, Omega 1. The two launched the publication in 2007 with an eye toward bringing attention to cyber security with a superhuman female protagonist at the center of an action-driven sci-fi narrative that now aims to be much more as the team pushes toward funding goals toward its fifth and sixth entries.

2023 saw the advent of World War III, but it was a war of information: the Hacker War. Now, the only way to securely transmit data is hand-delivery via highly skilled couriers. Working for the premiere courier company is OMEGA 1, a genetically enhanced she-weapon who is deadly with a sword, fist fights with firearms and can draw metal to herself. She searches for her lost identity while trying to keep herself and her clients’ data in tact. Along with her extraordinarily gifted friends in the company, she must piece together her past to uncover a conspiracy for global control and Aryan genocide. But when she discovers the people responsible for the Hacker War are family, Omega quickly finds herself in ongoing dilemma that juxtaposes her incredible ability to kill and destroy against her heart for love and care.

A live-action series is also in the works; Casting is notably unknown at the moment for who would play the role of our prime protagonist, Meg Vasalie. My only guess though (and that’s all that it is) is that Andrei herself might have some involvement considering her extensive film and TV credits to date which partly include Criminal Minds, The Purge: Anarchy, Furious Seven and Gabrielle Union thriller, Breaking In.

Whatever the case is though, she won’t be the only female involved as the team given the additions of prolific cosplayers, actresses and producers Elle Sonnet and Rebecca Larken, and photographer and cosplayer Tom Richard. They are joined by co-creator Cody Reynolds and versatile comic book artist Emmanuel Xerx Javier, as well as Lewis who has given his own testimony on the project and its m.o.:

“We were at a Denny’s restaurant bemoaning the state of affairs we found ourselves in back in 2006. We knew the hacking of our private and banking information was only going to get worse – and at the same time – we hated how female superheroes and role model television shows were being scoffed at and cancelled after a few episodes. The two issues didn’t really have anything to do with the other until we decided to make a series that addressed both. And so Omega 1 was born. We created a world which exists post World War III – a war of information theft and manipulation instead of bombs and bullets. In this world, women have to fight like men to live and work, and femininity is something which has been lost. Our lead characters discover both the secrets of the hackers and of how to be powerfully female in a world that demands male results. We’re very proud of how this story brings awareness of the hacker situation which is now, here in 2018, far worse than we ever imagined back in 2006, and how the time for female empowerment in media has finally arrived. The time for Omega 1 is now.”

All you need to know on donation details and equal perks can be found at which has even more video, graphics and bio info about the crew behind the ambitious IP, as well as the trailer which you can check out below.