Shortfilm Review: FLOWERS OF THE NIGHT (2015)

Tim Neff (left) and Jennifer Linch (right) as killer vs. killer in FLOWERS OF THE NIGHT (2015) – Sunshine Pictures

My research this past week for the July 13 Hit List brought my attention to an article online that spoke of filmmaker and actress Jennifer Linch who I am very much new to. Her latest project, Flowers Of The Night won the Grand Prize at iCannes earlier this month, and much to Linch’s approval since entrenching herself into film with the establishment of her own production company, Sunshine Pictures, and much to the delight of action fans at that.

Clocked in at about twelve minutes, the story takes off in graphic novel fashion with a neo-noir setting and a narration that briefly sets up the backstory, centered on homeless orphans who are taken in and raised to become killer mercenaries with near-limitless money, wealth and influence at their disposal. That all changes when a betrayal ensues and the women, led by an assasin named Lily, escape from their organization with a plan for redemption, and vengeance against their employers. Moving quickly from its exposition, Flowers Of The Night takes off right into the action with Azalea (Donna de Muerte) and Nightshade (Morgan Macedo) as two of our three sexy assassins advance into the lush hideout owned by Matthew (Tim Neff), the last line of defense for the organization’s boss, Hunter (John Paul Ouvrier).

The film is shot almost entirely in black and white with just a few colors left unfiltered, primarily the blood graphics used throughout the scenes. The acting is mostly good with Neff bearing the brunt fot the film’s dialogue midway into the shortfilm leading up to the final fight with Lily, played by Linch. As for the action, none of it slows down and delivers all of its intended effect with good choreography, cinematography and pacing, and each principle actors clearly evoking their training and experience on camera – as per Linch‘s own standards as well.

Much of the opening is left to the imagination, which services the simplistic appraoch the film takes in getting things going, and there is plenty of depth to observe here with Neff and Linch right down to the intense finish. More importantly though, the absolute centerpiece here for a shortfilm of this kind is the action designed accordingly by Neff and longtime independent actioner Fernando Jay Huerto, and for a workable proof-of-concept like this, it doesn’t disappoint.

Flowers Of The Night is currently being groomed for a feature-length production from Sunshine Pictures while on par for future fest screenings at L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival on August 8, and plans for entry into Sundance next year, as well as festivals in Italy and Greece. An air date for the shortfilm’s online release is not yet available, so feel free to check out the trailer for the shortfilm below, as well as the clip now up and running in this week’s Hit List!