DO[S]A: Don’t Miss The Trailer For Ifa Ifansyah’s Original Martial Arts Action Series Drama

Willing to take on the title of leading brand of Southeast Asian consumer entertainment, Malaysia-based Astro had been spreading its wings some with a number of filmmakers to develop projects. Celebrated Indonesian director, Ifa Isfansyah (The Golden Cane Warrior) and acclaimed screenwriter Salman Aristo (Yasmine) are just a few of those people in mind with DO[S]A, an original Malaysia-Indonesia collaboration featuring a strong that otherwise enables co-starring actor Cecep Arif Rahman to enhance some great fight action to top the drama.

The story tells of three older brothers, Fuad (Ashraf Sinclair), Farid (Remy Ishak) and Fahad (Hisham Hamid)  raised through religion and martial arts, try to protect their headstrong sister, Fara (Shenty Feliziana) who has fallen for a man, Arian (Reuben Elishama) escaping the same underground organisation ‘Gerbang Utara’ that their father, Latif (Dato’ M. Nasir) had previously abandoned. 

Upon arriving in Jakarta, the group find their lives turned upside down as their paths collide with their father’s sworn enemy – Marco (Roy Marten). The ‘newly-ascended-to-power’ Marco puts a bounty on their heads, while holding Fara as a hostage in the process. Action, drama and history unfolds as they attempt to destroy ‘Gerbang Utara’ and bring Fara to safety.

DO[S]A can currently be seen Malaysia and Brunei on Astro Channel 480, Astro On-demand, Astro GO and NJOI NOW. As for any outside broadcasting, we’d all be so lucky, because I’m definitely down for this.

Hit the trailer below!