THE CROW REBORN: Production Lands At Davis, Highland And Electric For 2017 Start; Momoa And Hardy Attachment Uncertain

Pretty much any and every Jason Momoa fan out there is now investing their hopes in seeing how awesomely he’ll do in the forthcoming Aquaman and Justice League movies. They’re two of the more prolific of the bunch next to a couple of others like Braven, The Bad Batch and Sugar Mountain, though if you found yourself forgetting he was last tapped to star in Corin Hardy’s rendition of The Crow, it’s easy to see why.

With Relativity Media’s own Ryan Kavanaugh aching to see the remake of the 1994 adaptaion to James O’Barr’s original graphic novel, the project currently titled The Crow Reborn, has been stewing for as long as eight years as it started bouncing between select directors such as Stephen Norrington and name actors like Tom Hiddleston and Jack Huston. Momoa’s attachment to the film came long after Relativity settled its bankruptcy differences and recovered following months of extinuating legal disputes over unpaid loans, as well as box-office flops.

Since then, all has been quiet on the production front for The Crow though now it appears the film is ready to move forward within the auspices of its new home at Davis Films, Highland Film Group and Electric Shadow. Davis’s Samuel Hadida (Resident Evil saga, Silent Hill) is on board to produce the film with Pressman who produced Alex Proyas’s 1994 film starring Brandon Lee as a musician, murdered and subsequently reanimated by a mythical bird that grants him the time and abilities he’ll need to avenge himself and his beloved.

via THR:

“I am thrilled to collaborate with this talented team and return The Crow franchise to its roots for a new generation of audiences to enjoy,” Pressman said.

Electric Shadow is also producing the film as are the folks at Highland Film Group who will handle international sales. Kavanaugh is still attached as executive producer for the film which is expected to start shooting in January, although it is reportedly unclear if Momoa and Hardy are still on board for the film which is presently aiming for a closer adherance to the source material.

Proyas’s film is still hailed as a classic following the on-set death of its star and even in the wake of the passing of one of its co-stars, actor Michael Massee last month. The film is still subject to scrutiny by the anti-remake moviegoing crowd although it’s interesting to still see an appeal to revive the character on screen. Actor Vincent Perez took the mantle with a new protagonist in Tim Pope’s commericial flop before actors Eric Mabius and Edward Furlong followed suit in their own smaller-scaled sequel releases. Mark Dacascos eventually laid claim to the property’s own TV series remake lasting one season of The Crow: Stairway To Heaven by 1999.

Clearly it’s reasonable to see that a number of actors can play the role while it will take the right director to bring forward the right vision for the film. January is less than a month and a half away if production stays on course and it looks like it’s gonna be tight whether or not Momoa and/or Hardy stay on for the film. Personally I hope they do so I can see Hardy’s directing muscles work on a feature level for Momoa’s own gravitas as an action star.

Do you agree? And if not, who would you like to see cast and in the director’s chair? Comment below or on social media wherever this piece is shared and express your views!