OSKFF 2015: ENTER THE NINJA Next Month With Subway Cinema!

Hopefully you’ve gotten a handle on Subway Cinema’s current Indiegogo campaign to help finance their essentials for this year’s Ninja-themed Old School Kung Fu Festival. The four-day event is set to kick off on April 16 with a slew of digital and 35mm film screenings of classic ninja movies from a total of nine directors, in addition to a special SECRET screening to be held on the 18th, so if you’re in the area and have a knack for then you’re in luck.

The official website for the Anthology Film Archives in New York City is the place to be next month, and their official website has just posted its schedule of titles, dates and times. CLICK HERE to view the schedule and don’t forget to commit to the Indiegogo campaign which has just ten days left as of this write-up.