Trailer: COMMANDO NINJA Hails With Screaming Mad 80’s Action Overkill To Launch Kickstarter

Filmmaker Benjamin Combes is notably taking a page from the recent success of David Sandberg’s Kung Fury and applying it to his own independent endeavors of late. Brandishing an unapologetic love for 80s nostalgia and R-rated action cinema lore, a Kickstarter page is underway to help wrap all ends of production for Commando Ninja and the trailer itself does way, WAY more than plenty in sampling what entails.

Eric Carlesi stars in the film as a Vietnam Green Beret Vet, Half Commando, Half Ninja/Half commando/all American badass long forgotten by his government and now living in the Canadian woods. When his ex-wife is murdered and daughter Jenny gets kidnapped by a secret Ninja Organization, led by a Central-American dictator, who wants to create a new-world order through time, he’ll basically turn into the one-man army of destruction he needs to be to take Jenny back and defeat evil once and for all.

The rest of the cast enlists Philippe Allier, Olivier Dobremel, Stéphane Asensio, Cécile Fargues and Anaëlle Rincent – this, along with an all-you-can-eat buffet of gratuitous action and violence next to an authentic synthwave score, over-the-top and tactless acting and dialogue, and nip slips that’ll pretty much have you turning off the internet for the rest of the day.

NSFW warnings and all, so if you live in France or can otherwise convert your currency to show support, do your thing and head over to the Kickstarter for even more info and goodies!