Christian Paolo Lat Is A One-Man Stickfighting Army In The New Shortfilm Trailer For ESKRIMADOR

Filipino martial arts have always been a tried and true application to martial arts action cinema, and such happens the case with the latest trailer for independent filmmaker Jelani Kim L. Maniago‘s upcoming dramatic action short, Eskrimador. Starring Chrisrian Paolo Lat, the new project started about a month and a half ago in collaboration with Maniago, as well as stuntfighter, performer and fight choreographer Eulver Presto, and a handful of other students from from the International Academy Of Film & Television near the city of Cebu.

Not much is known about the plot here, but based on this week’s new trailer, Eskrimador could very well be one more treat to enjoy from the online action community. One guy armed with two Escrima batons taking on five skilled guys armed with similar knowledge on martial arts weaponry? I’m down with it. And with any luck, we will see more of it as time goes on.

Take a look and stay tuned for more ahead!