Hollywood Ninja Presents: MANILA ASSASSIN'S CREED

Jearome Calica strikes a pose in ‘Manila Assassin’s Creed’

Independent filmmaker, action director and stuntman Jeff Centauri is currently in the middle of something truly awesome over in the Philippines. Having launched his career in the 1990’s after serving U.S. Air Force, Centauri has gone on to work on a great number of projects for TV and film, including the three-part compilation DVD series, Everyone Is Kung Fu Fighting, and even making his directorial debut in 1996 with the ultra low budget flick, The Zombie Ninja.

Since then, his experiences in film while living in the states have seen their fair share of challenges, but that has not stopped him from moving forward and stepping out on his own beyond borders. Currently based in the Philippines, you can now catch Centauri‘s online repertoire of indie action gems via his YouTube channel, with the latest being this week’s airing of the new short, Manila Assassin’s Creed with performances by Jearome Calica, Novie Banoy, Noe Evangelista and Diana Bertumen.

Centauri‘s work overseas is also part of a larger effort to help revive the action cinema industry at home with the current early stages of pre-production for the new feature film, Extra Heroes, a project that could do for the Philippines what films like The Raid and Ong Bak did for Indonesia and Thailand, respectively, if proven successful. “I believe that if an action movie is successful not only in the Philippines but internationally, then a lot of people will follow.” he says. “There are a lot of people just waiting. There are several groups of martial artists and parkour teams itching to be in movies. Some of them train regularly because they love to, and when the time comes, they will be ready.”

Check out Manila Assassin’s Creed in the exclusive video embed below, or feel free to CLICK HERE to watch it, as well as subscribe to Centauri’s channel where you can browse for other cool action shorts. Also, feel free to subscribe to his official Facebook page for EPIC Action Concepts to learn more about some of his work behind the lens.

P.S. ~ To the two lovely ladies, Novie and Diana, thanks for the shout out! ♡♡