A Case For Better Action Movies: The Kirbys’ ACCIDENT MAN: HITMAN’S HOLIDAY Continues To Set The Standard

Four years after fighting for his life on the mean London streets and away from his former life at the once-flourishing Oasis, hitman-for-hire-turned-free agent “Miguel Fallonado” – otherwise known as the titular “Accident Man” himself, Mike Fallon (Scott Adkins), has since found himself on greener pastures making ends meet in the island country of Malta. With no friend or company other than the conveniently explosive and violent mannerisms of former waitress Siu-Ling (Sarah Chang) for his regular P.M.T. needs, it isn’t long before Fallon realizes his world is about to get just a little smaller with the appearance of fellow Oasis guild member Finicky Fred (Perry Benson), ensuing an informal reunion by way of an opportune, albeit tentative business partnership that also allows Fred to find his way to a love connection he met online.