Help Fund Filmmaker A.J. Singh's New 80's Hong Kong Action Homage, FALLING ASH

Currently in progress is a new crowdsourcer for the latest contribution to the martial arts action genre from UK-based filmmaker, A.J. Singh. The longtime film purveyor is spearheading a funding effort for the new film, Falling Ash, in which he will also star as the lead.

Among a few other essentials, the project has secured a cast, namely actor and martial arts performers Silvio Simac and Mark Sears, and actress Marysia S. Peres. Singh‘s new film is the latest in what he suggests will be a promises will be a “unique of blend character-driven plot, with a grounded sense of reality; combined with the quality of action, prevalent in Hong Kong Cinema of the 1980’s”.

Here’s the setup:

Ashwin ‘Ash’ Singh (AJ Singh) is a man who’s never had luck on his side. His ‘simple’ life on the streets soon changes when he saves the life of Alvaro ‘Al’ Ciancio (Mark Sears). He soon becomes embroiled in Al’s business affairs, gets the attention of Al’s younger sister, Maria (Marysia S. Peres); as well as Al’s enemies – namely is ‘cousin’ Pasquale Salvitti (Silvio Simac).  

Ash’s intervention on that fateful night, sets in motion a chain of events that will make Ash question loyalties, face dilemmas, matters of the heart, and his own demons…

Simac, whose credits notably include D.O.A.: Dead Or Alive and Transporter 3, is also poised to appear in writer and director Guy Bleyaert’s forrhcoming action thriller Transit 17 – also starring actress and martial artist Zara Phythian (Personally, I hope Simac plays M. Bison in this awesome webseries. *knocks on wood*).

In the meantime, for more info on Singh‘s new venture into 1980’s Hong Kong action fanfare, head over to the official Falling Ash indiegogo page and watch their new campaign video. And by all means, donate and/or share the page to your heart’s desire!