JOURNEY TO THE EAST: Hong Kong Cinema Legends Vincent Lyn And Robert Samuels Head To ‘Moving Image’ Museum This Month!

Martial arts film buffs and action fans alike who take a particular interest in the 80’s and 90’s niche of classic Hong Kong action cinema might be familiar with long time best friends, comrades in film and brothers in life, actors Vincent Lyn and Bobby Samuels. Both carry a memorable shared legacy in Asian action cinema, with such respective credits as The Blonde Fury, Red Wolf, and the 2001 Roberto Lopez film, Blazin’ to name a few. And on May 16,, the two will take the stage once again at New York City’s Museum Of The Moving Image for Journey to the East: The Tao of Kung Fu and Stardom, a Q & A discussion panel held as part of the museum’s monthly Fist and Sword series.

Check out the description:

Kung-fu cinema in Hong Kong has been shaped by its pantheon of legendary actors, who have become as synonymous with the genre as its filmmakers. This discussion with selected film clips, moderated by Fist and Sword co-curator Warrington Hudlin, features two martial artists who were born and raised in the West, and through their extraordinary skill, determination, and risk-taking, became part of a pioneering lineage of action stars in Hong Kong. Bobby Samuels is the first African-American inducted into the Hong Kong Stuntman’s Association. His prolific film career—spanning fifteen features over two decades—began in 1990 when he moved to Hong Kong. He has worked with legendary directors and choreographers such as Sammo Hung and Yuen Woo-ping. Vincent Lyn is an action star, model, author, and Grammy-winning musician. He discovered his Ling-Gar kung-fu family lineage when he went to Hong Kong to connect with his half-Chinese heritage. There, he quickly rose to stardom, starring in over 25 feature films. Jackie Chan called Lyn one of the best fighters he has ever worked with; they were both featured in the spectacular climatic battle sequence in Operation Condor (1991). Vincent Lyn will sign his book Kung Fu in the Real World: The Ling Gar Legacy (2011, Budo International Publishing Co.) in the Moving Image Store following the discussion.

The series has already held a few amazing events this year, including a screening of Zoë Bell’s latest action horror, Raze, and an early star-studded screening of Gareth Evans’ latest film, The Raid 2, which is still touring the world. This month’s events will be no different, with Lyn and Samuels taking questions, sharing their stories and experiences and much more.

“I am extremely excited and honored to be a part of this event, a first of its kind,” says Samuels. “For the first, I will finally share my experiences of living and working with Sammo Hung and other prolific directors in Asia. I hope to inspire a new generation to take a leap of faith and go for your dreams. With dedication and a lot of luck I was able to beat the odds, especially as a African American. Vincent and I will share our career paths with the public for the first time, along with highlights of our films in Hong Kong.”

Samuels will also be making a scheduled appearance at the Urban Action Showcase and Expo this November to represent new co-directorial debut with The Last Days Saga helmer Kaloni Davis titled Beast, from Global Star Productions and starring Samuels’ action prodigy, actor Gary Peebles. For more information on the UASE, (click here).

In the meantime, tickets for Journey to the East: The Tao of Kung Fu and Stardom will cost $12 with $9 for senior citizens and free entry for museum members. To purchase your ticket, get location info and learn more information about the museum, head over to their official website.