‘John Cena’s FAVOURITE ANIMATED MOVIE (…and 7 other reasons that you should watch FIST OF THE NORTH STAR)’

The title isn’t bluster and instead evokes WWE star Kurt Angle’s line: ‘It’s true, it’s true’ Yes, John Cena, the famed WWE sports entertainer and Hollywood actor, and co-star of Justin Lin’s newest theatrical release out of Universal Pictures, F9, has openly admitted his fandom for the exciting Japanese manga series written by Buronson and illustrated by Tetsuo Hara. And yet it is merely one of several reasons, that will prompt you to consider watching (or even reading) the legendary FIST OF THE NORTH STAR (FOTNS) The reasons are summarized below:8. FORMUALIC BUT FAVOURABLE‘FIST OF THE NORTH STAR’ (‘FOTNS’) doesn’t possess a complex story or narrative, in fact one could argue that the premise is very simplistic in that it is simply the story of a stoic martial artist seeking to locate his beloved fiancée, Yuria. Yet forgoing any complexity, enables the viewer to invest in the emotional content highly evident in the characters; in many ways this provides us the opportunity to simply enjoy the action and the set pieces – ultimately to be engaged in a mature story. The heroes like Kenshiro or Rei are determined and noble, and they go up against some incredibly powerful adversaries that often have morally ambiguous characteristics. Given its formulaic narrative, it is one of those creative works that is incredibly easy to get into at any juncture.