Kung Lao Sings!: Max Huang Debuts “Flawless Victory” To Celebrate The Release Of MORTAL KOMBAT

It’s been a helluva ride waiting out the last fifty-thousand seven-hundred and thirty eight years for another Mortal Kombat movie to arise, and for that, it’s as surreal as it is sobering that many of us fans around the world will get to close this chapter with the hope of prospective sequels stemming from this latest effort by debut filmmaker Simon McQuoid.Alas, I hope everyone checking the film out this weekend does so safely, whether in a limited theater or at home. For all this and more, I now bring you to the latest what-in-hell-is-going-on-ness that is the latest independent music video premiere of Mortal Kombat co-star headlining as “Kung Lao”, actor/martial artist and JC Stunt Team cohort Max Huang, performing “Flawless Victory” to ring in the opening weekend.And… yeah. This is a pretty solid jam. Be cool if Watertower Music considers this a fair addition to the franchise’s audibles, and of course, with “Sub-Zero” actor Joe Taslim signed onto four more installments provided McQuoid’s debut performs to its success, we may have a franchise yet.Rock on, Max!