FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT: Don’t Miss The Incredible, Action-Packed Trailer For Antony Varghese’s New Thriller

Malayam action cinema is on the map these days and thanks in large part to the successes of actor Antony Varghese. After a reportedly milestone debut in Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Angamaly Diaries last year in (which his character’s name is Pepe) his sophomore return to film sees him throwing down something fierce in Freedom At Midnight (Swathanthryam Ardharathriyil).

Oft assistant director to Pellissery, Tinu Pappachan makes his solo debut at the helm this time around for the story of a private firm employee who mysteriously lands behind bars and is forced to fight his way out when he learns of a plot to kill him. Judging by what I’ve sifted through online, Varghese’s role is less so an action one from the start as it’s more molded into one as the minutes pass and the narrative unfolds – a feasibly fascinating set up for a thrilling story in any capacity, and the trailer certainly more than excites.

BC Joshy produces with co-producers Pellissery and co-star Chemban Vinod with a script by Dileep Kurian, and prolific actor/dancer Vinayakan also starring, with stunt sequences by Supreme Sundar. Freedom At Midnight still awaits a release date but you’re more than welcome to feast on the trailer below until further notice.

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