Swords, Strippers And Good-Old Street Violence In The New Trailer For GAKI ROCK

Taiko Kato’ono is another in the latest handful of actors to step into the spotlight for a live-action manga adaptation this summer, with the upcoming release of Gaki Rock. And just in time for June to roll in, the film has earned itself a new trailer which you can check out at the bottom.

Based on a 2003/2005 Daitosha publicaton from manga author Daihu Yamaguchi, Gaki Rock centers on Gen, who with the help of his three best friends, win over the heart of a beautiful woman newly headlining his father’s strip club. Trouble ensues when Gen finds himself getting caught up with the Yakuza after rescuing one of its own who fell into debt.

It’s a story of romance, fun, and good-old-fashioned street violence, and it’s all brought to life by director Yuji Nakamae from screenwriter Koki Yamamoto. The film releases theatrically in Japan on June 28.