Trailer Preview: WILDCAT ‘Claws in Captivity’

Seemingly derivative, it essentially boils down to the ingenuity of a young reporter, who focusses on out witting her captors. Though the trailer does not reveal any specific twist, the film’s idiosyncratic title perhaps offers a deliberate insight into the true nature of this ambitious reporter. Combining the title and the intense trailer immediately infers that there is ‘more-than-meets-the-eye’ when it comes to the protagonist.Although not necessarily novel or unique, the film does look intriguing thus presenting what would be a tense psychological thriller in a Middle Eastern war setting. As a film about captivity the audience is forced to settle for an isolated setting, thus no expectations of major set pieces or amazing scenery.The single setting of the militant compound, means that the film will rely on the talents of the actors themselves and from the trailer alone, it does look like Georgina Campbell boasts some serious acting chops. Certainly enough to pique ones interest with the intrigue it manages to produce in a single trailer and certainly a clever twist will make it all the more interesting.