EFM 2017: Brenton Thwaites Cast In GHOSTS OF WAR

The Butterfly Effect and Final Destination film series co-helmer, writer and director Eric Bress is bringing the supernatural to the forefront of World War II in Ghosts Of War. Highland Film Group is selling the film in Berlin this year with actor Brenton Thwaites, set for appearances in this year’s Office Uprising and Pirates Of The Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, starring.

Thwaites will play a battle-fatigued military leader and strategist among five U.S. soldiers forced to confront a mysterious, terrifying and otherworldly entity within the confines of a French Chateau after seizing it from NAZI high command as World War II nears its end. D. Todd Shepherd, Joe Simpson and Shelley Madison of Miscellaneous Entertainment are producing and financing the project with Adrian Jayasinha serving as executive producer.

H/T: Deadline