Review: GIRL FIGHT: A MUAY THAI STORY Casts A Ringside Glimmer Of Truth Beyond Victory And Defeat

That chasm between the two ladies is further explored by the film’s end, which is mostly delivered on a bit of a bittersweet note, but the film accomplishes a lot of what you would expect in a documentary. It’s not until later in the second half of the film where Rugilo presents a more open profile of herself and her personal life, which I think lends greatly to the notion of one’s own need for self-discovery when it comes to life, people, relationships and struggles. She carries herself with a pretty bright and forward-moving demeanor, which is characteristic of any good martial arts instructor, while the documentary features her own pursuits in the ring, often traversing between N.J. and across the Hudson River to Manhattan. Similar can also be iterated for much those in her circle, including Dongui-is whose smile is total show-stopper in this feature, and even in some capacity for Mendez, a police officer and single mother balancing between work, motherhood and her membership on Rugilo’s fight team.