WHITE TIGER Attacks With An Exclusive New Poster!

Director Toby Russell‘s long-awaited action thriller, White Tiger, is ever so close to a release now planned for next month. The film has already undergone a few exclusive screenigs so with any luck we’ll be hearing some constructive feedback on the film’s delivery aside from its explosive trailer.

For now, we finally have some gritty new poster art which you can check out below:

Produced by Tri-M Entertainment President, Karen Kaing, White Tiger stars Matt Mullins (The Wrath Of Vajra) and Don “The Dragon” Wilson (The Martial Arts Kid) in a story of a cop out to avenge his partner’s death with the reluctant help of an angry ex-military drunk with nothing to live for. They are joined by fellow martial arts legends Cynthia Rothrock (Bitchfight) and late martial arts legend Joe Lewis (Kill Em All). Actress Yui Chiranan Manochem and actors Gigi Velicitat, Jawed El Berni and Yuhkoh Matsuguchi round out the cast with action sequences by Kazu Patrick Tang.

Stay tunedfor more info!