One Woman Holds The Key To Our Salvation in The New Trailer For OYA: RISE OF THE ORISHA

The superhero genre has generated massive fanfare with the largely popular, commercial successes of Marvel and DC movies for decades now, especially with both entites gaining ground in their respective properties. But the one thing that does stand out for some people in a specific niche is the lack of prominent African lead actors and actresses in such films. Sure, we can highlight films like Spawn and, the Blade trilogy, and even several notable TV, film and online efforts over the last twenty years, although there still would not be a matching numerical comparison.

As such, the trend of developing lead African superhero characters in one form or another has seen a small spike in growth, in part, as previously reported on this site and several others. And this week, adding to that list is the latest crowdfunded shortfilm production for Oya: Rise Of The Orisha, which looks to blend genuine African culture and mythos with spectacular superheroine fanfare in the form of lead actress Ethosheia Hylton. Directed by VFX wizard Nosa Ignebideon, the project serves as a precursor to a hopeful feature film, and with today’s dazzling new trailer, superhero film fans alike are now given a new reason to expand their entertainment scope.

Watch the trailer and stay tuned for more info.


According to the Yoruba religion of Nigeria [West Africa] Orishas are a collective of charismatic deities with specialised supernatural gifts, powers and responsibilities. They are comparable to the gods of the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Roman civilisation. Tradition has it that these supernatural beings once walked the earth with humanity. The reverence and worship that was shown to them by the ordinary Yoruba people elevated their status and increased their power 

》For centuries the doorway between the world of the Orishas and our world has remained closed, until now. Our hero, Ade, is one of the few people with a connection to one of the gods, Oya. She has been tasked with the job of protecting the innocent and that means keeping the door to the gods shut. If the doorway to the gods is opened, they will wreak chaos upon us as retribution for our abandonment of them. To keep the door shut, she must find ‘the key’, a young girl with the potential to open the doorway, and keep her safe. 

The adventure unfolds with a host of memorable characters and a string of unexpected twists, Ade, goes in search of the key, battling against those who wish to open portal and unleashing a horde of forgotten gods and goddesses into the world, with powers and skills beyond our comprehensive and supernatural gifts which will change the course of history for mankind, forever.

H/T: Shadow And Act / Indiewire