THE HIT LIST: October 17, 2016

…Anyway, enough of that. It’s time to get to a trio of meaty, mighty playlists for this week’s installment of THE HIT LIST that I know you will have plenty to fill up with. And on that note, we can always count on actor, martial artist, stuntman and filmmaker Eric Jacobus to lead the way for videos specially attributed to the Tekken game franchise. With another already in tow, Armor King is now staking his claim via Eric’s YouTube channel first up in the playlist below, followed by a slew of stunt and demo reels by Luci Romberg, Jake Teel, Sakaeda Ayami, Justin Hall, Daisy Fryer, Fernando Campos, ToniMarie Chiavola, Angel Flores, Meredith Richardson, Roger Bartlett, Noelle Mulligan, Jonathan King, Cavin Mohrhardt and an awesome new fan reel inspired largely by filmmaker Steve Wang’s Guyver: Dark Hero, with actor and martial artist Anthony Houk’s central costume performance in the title role.