Lundgren/Adkins Actioner 4 TOWERS Adds Caitlin Dechelle

It was only a matter of time before further updates would continue trickling for the forthcoming production of the new action thriller, 4 Towers following an initial report last month. Filming is soon set to begin in Italy, marking Puncture Wounds co-helmer James Coyne‘s solo directorial debut, with a script co-written by Coyne and Alessandro Riccardi which centers on Italy’s tactical SWAT team and interpol units as they infiltrate an 11th century castle where a Serbian ex-soldier has taken a corporate dinner company hostage in an attempt to capture Mussolini’s cursed gold and treasure.

The film reunites Expendables 2, Legendary and Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning co-stars, action legends Dolph Lundgren and Scott Adkins headling most of the action, and this week, the official word from the director himself promises the addition of a woman’s touch, in the form of actress, stuntwoman and XMA purveyor Caitlin Dechelle (CZ12, Teen Wolf, Fast And Furious 7). Coyne confirmed the details of her role with Film Combat Syndicate. “I can tell you that she’ll be playing a cop who is part of an international undercover unit that works with Interpol and UK’s special branch.” says Coyne. “She’ll be involved in plenty of the action. We’re really excited to have a martial artist of her caliber in the film and we’re reconfiguring some things now to see more of her ability at work.”

Dechelle has spent since the ages of eight and thirteen making her mark in the world of martial arts, winning up to 85 international world titles while pursuing a fruitful career in acting. She has also done some impressive work within the online action community, most recently for indie action auteur Vlad Rimburg’s online hit tribute to The Raid 2, titled Hammergirl.

There’s no official word yet on who is delivering the action for 4 Towers, although the production is boasting some pretty thrilling stuntwork with integral knife fighting and choreography to boot.

Actress Andrea Tidona rounds out the  current cast with actor Gianni Capaldi who is also producing with Riccardi and Gianluca Varriale. Production is expected to commense on November 7 for a likely 2015 release. Stay tuned for more info!