ICEMAN 3D Gets An Action-Packed Promo And New Music Video

We are a little less than a year since having seen the first few teasers go online for director Law Wing-Cheong‘s new film, Iceman 3D as the film’s hectic schedule was ultimately split into a two-movie megaproject. And with the film finally heading to Singapore and China theaters next month, onlooking fans were presented with some brand new poster art with leading man of action Donnie Yen front and center with Wang Baoqiang trailing. Now, not only do we have a new trailer circulating the internet this month, but fans are also getting a new music video to promote the film in the form of “Icebound”, courtesy of the vocal stylings of Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao. You can look at both toward the bottom of the page.

Well Go USA also has North American rights for Iceman 3D, with release dates pending. Stay tuned for more info!


In the Ming Dynasty, there are four orphans, Ying (Donnie Yen), Yuanlong (Simon Yam), Sao (Wang Baoqiang) and Niehu. Raised in Taoyuan Village, the four are close as brothers. Their exceptional martial arts allow them to reach the highest rank among the imperial guards. They take the order to kill the Japanese troop leader, and return in triumph. The Emperor then orders Ying to escort the Golden Wheel of Time from India back to the capital, which is said to have the power of time travelling and foreseeing the future. On the way of escorting, Ying is set up by his brothers and he chooses to fight against them. The duel has shaken the earth, an avalanche strucks and buries the four. Travelling 400 years in time to modern Hong Kong, Ying meets wasted May (Eva Huang) who gives him shelter.

H/T to Lucia Hernandez for the song title.