THE HIT LIST: April 9, 2018

Honestly, if it were up to me, I would have stayed in bed, Netflixing and sleeping this past weekend. (Sigh…) If only, right?…

L to R (top): Glenn Somera, Geoffrey Boggs, Alex Marshall-Brown, Zak Self, Branden Arnold
L to R (bottom): Megan Le, Darin Hemmer, Darin Hicks, Temujin Shirzada, Leandro Mayor Martinez

At any rate, another week is upon us and once more, we’re back to highlighting some of today’s top and rising talent in stunts and action with another installment of the Hit List. Battle B-Boy co-star Megan Le tops this week’s playlist with a fitting track from Frankie Valli and the Four Season that had me dancing in my seat. Following that are reels from Eric C. Sun, Zak Self, Kai Fung Rieck, Eddie JY Lee, Andrew Long, Sarah Schulte, Andrew Nadanyi, Anna Yosin, Jim Ellason, Miyashiki Akio, Jonathan Yurco, Kellie Victoria Scarangello, Narayan Cabral, Sher Juraev, and Creative Rising’s Glenn Somera with an action director’s reel to finish off on a tasty high note.

Just a couple of items outline this week’s promotional gems and we begin with another sweet new pre-viz sampler from director Johnny Balasz in lieu of the coming production of Night Shift with actress Adele Elasmar front and center. You can peep a little more action in addition to current updates by clicking here.

Another quick look at some of the fight previz that we are doing for our new film Night Shift. Just to think 8 weeks ago our lead actress @adeleelasmar had no experience whatsoever in screen fighting or combat in general. This is a testament not only to her but the amazing team we have. This is only a small section of the fight so we’re saving the best for the film. This scene will take place on a rooftop in the Melbourne CBD. #nightshift #nightshiftfilm #womeninfilm #girlfight #martialarts #mixedmartialarts #actionfilm #aussieaction

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Last is a trailer that sees the return of actress Alex Marshall-Brown (Brix And The Bitch) to the Hit List in Rand Behr’s new shortfilm, No Trace. Marshall-Brown and actor James Kyson (Heroes, Preacher) headline the pic for its upcoming Artemis Film Festival premiere, centered on a bank robber in cahoots with the mob and on the run from her former detective partners following a successful heist.

The Artemis Film Festival kicks off on April 26. Until then, the trailer itself has some domain restrictions so peep the poster below, then then click here and take a look.


This week presents a sweet reprisal as well as something different in the fights and films section, and you’ll know it from the artwork below.

The playlist kicks off with Darin Hemmer taking Geoffrey Boggs to the mat before Action Movie Makers makes way to the Hit List with Philippe Deseck lensing some pre-viz action of his own with Darko Tsukan coordinating, and Branden Arnold front and center for some bo-staff and stunt practice from Marques Zaror over at Bridgette Michelle’s channel.

Stunt players Stuart Williamson amd Craig McCrae keep the momentum going with some pre-viz sword-and-shieldplay making a grand case for viewers to watch Netflix period drama Troy: Fall Of A City, while Slade Lemieux Hallet helms a woeful test of endurance for a small film crew on the brink in Fight No Flight For Film. Temujin Shirzada singles out the key, unrelenting fight sequence with Leandro Mayor Martinez from February shortfilm, Fatal Blades, and the official LUMIX channel brings aboard director Sam K.J. for PvP, an epic, neon-lit tale starring Yoshi Sudarso and choreographer Alvin Hsing at the center of an epic arcade rivalry between two jukebox heroes who are too cool to be in the room!

Following that is the latest vid packed with freerunning feats over at the Urbanamadei fanpage, and UK-based animator Paul Johnson (Star Wars: TIE Fighter) delivers a fresh and spectacular shortfilm inspired by all that 70s and 80s babies know and love about going to an arcade alley in Retro Arcade Anime: R-Type.

Rounding it all out is the full edit of Christian Kohnke’s shortfilm sequel, I’m Out Johnny 2.0. Tanay Genco Ulgen directs with Kohnke joined by Aidan Pringle in the title role as the gangster to beat for one man fighting his way out of the underworld.

Kohnke released the sequel initially in two parts last month following the initial four-minute thriller last May. For those entirely new to it, enjoy yourself in the playlist below with I’m Out Johnny 2.0 bookending this week’s Hit List.

L to R (top): Amadei Weiland, Kellie Victoria Scarangello, Eddie J.Y. Lee, Anna Yosin, Jonathan Yurco
L to R (bottom): Stuart Williamson, Eric C. Sun, James Kyson, Kai Fung Rieck, Andrew Nadanyi

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