NUMBER 37: Watch The Official Trailer For Nosipho Dumisa’s Hot Directorial Debut

From shortfilm concept to feature-length reality, writer and director Nosipho Dumisa’s debut, Number 37, has proven quite the task in its extenuating journey to fruition. For this, it’s warm critical reception this month stemming from its SXSW debut certainly aids in the film’s push ahead of its local release in South Africa, making the latest official trailer unveiling courtesy of Gambit Films all the more appetizing.

The film was developed with longtime partner Travis Taute and storied with Daryne Joshua for a Cape Town-set Hitchcockian crime tale about Randall, a broke, low-level wheelchair-bound criminal whose life-or-death debt to a loan shark forces him into blackmailing a cop-killer to seize the money he needs. Calamity all but ensues as all things involving violent criminals as Randall and loving girlfriend Pam are swept into more danger than they can afford. Literally.

Actor and model Irshaad Ally stars along with actress Monique Rockman, and with Ephraim Gordon, Sandi Schultz, Danny Ross, David Manuel, Elton Landrew, Deon Lotz, Amrain Ismail-Essop and Abdul Aziz Schroeder also starring for the film’s June release in South Africa. Check out the trailer!