THE HIT LIST: February 12, 2018

Welp, I made good use of my weekend with some great anime on top of work and a pair of reviews. Not much else really. Putting together the hit list was a bit weary since I couldn’t find anything in trailers or things of that nature.

L to R (top): Jade Xu, Brian Le, Cynthia Rothrock, Andy Le, Dana Rasmussen
L to R (bottom): Stefan Brysha, Sarah Purdum, Greg Poljacik, Lynn Jung, Jon Alagoa

However…there is still plenty to share in terms if content this week and thus, we have a fresh batch of stunt and demo reels to kick it all off courtesy of World Wushu Champion, actress and martial artist Jade Xu, followed by 3run’s Adam Brashaw, and stunt players Dana Rasmussen, Jackie Chan Stunt Team member Lee Huang, and Storm Freerun’s Lynn Jung with Greg Poljacik, Lana Katz, Matt Kennedy, Mallory Thompson, Stefan Brysha, Sarah Purdum, Jacob Hotovy, Sadiqua Bynum, John Jeffrey Arias and Heather Woods comprising the week’s stunt playlist.


A lack of promotional bits can be a bit crippling. Here thankfully I have a little something to fill in the gap some, particularly for Cynthia Rothrock fans who might be keen on following her exploits on her official YouTube channel. She’s recently shared a small, albeit lengthy montage of classic action scenes from her career in Hong Kong action cinema with footage from Magic Crystal, Prince Of The Son, The Inspector Wears Skirts and more!

Fight scenery is where it’s at this week and we start with a small batch of CQC concepts led by Jay Kwon over at the Sloyerstunts channel, and German action wunderkind Mike Moeller doling out some sword practice gems while Rachel Star Withers trades blows with Jarvis Garvin in Seneca Jared Robinson’s The Pursuit and Daredrex Productions pits footwork and fightfare with Darren Holmquist and Spidey Turner. Soners Films’s Yakuza: Kiwami delivers the second of a twofer inspired by the popular Yakuza game from director and actor Jon Alagoa, Joseph Roark graces the screen with Chloe Gingold and dancer Johanna Seidel in The Ballerina and The Swordsman, Mickey Arce helms a tale of doomed romance in Pam from Lunar Stunts Action Cinema and Martial Club’s Le Brothers kick it old school in Dance Of The Drunken Mantis.

Last and far, FAR from least is a fantastic little jewel from stuntman and filmmaker Famisa Yusuf Elfajri with Ghaza Akbar as an ex-con out to get even against the men who framed him in Residivis. It’s subtitled as well so there will be plenty to comprehend per the narrative along with the impressive fight action to boot.

Once more, enjoy!

L to R (top): Mallory Thompson, Khai Thach, Lana Katz, Jacob Hotovy, Sadiqua Bynum

The Hit List will be back next week so if you have an equally awesome project or demo reel to share, link us at, and don’t miss last week’s entries either!