From The Classroom To The Streets, Meet THE RULE BREAKERS!

The expansion of online action has grown tremendously in well-over the past decade, with filmmakers around the country and the globe suddenly taking part in contributing their own efforts to share their skillset for film, fight choreography and storytellng. And as I have previously mentioned in recent months, Singapore is very much a part of that movement, particularly where you will find folks like Jaze Phua working on building his own platform over at the Jaze Phuaductions working on some pretty amazing projects, including two episodes released this year for his inspired webseries, The Rule Breakers.

The project comes within two years prior to Phua, earning his degree for Media Design at NTU School Of Art and Design in Singapore. From there, he would eventually meet and make friends and performers like James Fong with whom he would share the stage for Phua‘s late 2013 shortfilm release, Battle Of The Sticks, before crossing paths with karate student and b-boy stylist, Eden Ang.

Fusing action and comedic storytelling with creative and dynamic visuals, The Rule Breakers is an fun little tale of boyhood, teamwork, sexy teachers and life philosophies, all centered on breaking the rules where the laws don’t apply – In other words, making the impossible possible, which is something Phua and his team explicitly hopes to accomplish after part three is finished, provided the funds there. “If there is more funding, then I don’t mind going into a fourth or fifth episode or more, because there are ideas here are limitless, for The Rule Breakers series and other possible projects.” he says. “Plus, quality is always more important than quantity when it comes to satisfying ourselves and the audience. So, we will always come out with something unexpected and surprise our audience to make them feel the wait is worthy.”.

Currently, The Rule Breakers hasn’t been inducted into any film festivals just yet. But that is not to say there aren’t any plans to do so, while Phua and his team continue to work on their craft, collectively and respectively, in addition to Phua whose love for action stems largely from Jackie Chan and Jet Li films, as well as training in Tai-ji between the ages of five and nine. “Currently I’m in the middle of exploring more moves and polishing up my acting to land myself in a good movie role someday.”, he says. “If I’m lucky enough, I can hopefully get funding to produce a movie of my own. As for my team, I really want to bring them as far as possible Without them, The Rule Breakers wouldn’t have been possible.”.

You can check out both episodes right now on Jaze’s Youtube channel where you can also subscribe, with further links in their descriptions. And, as always, you can also follow Jaze Phuaductions on Facebook!