THE HIT LIST: May 15, 2017

I had a nice little weekend. Still worked but managed to relax some in between as well as put a new forthcoming interview together which will go up very soon.

In the meantime, we have other matters to tend to turning to this week’s installment of The Hit List! Kicking off our first playlist is a new team reel by K Dynamique, based in Canada and, at current, an opportunity to sample great work done by a fine group of folks who, due to some grave, unfortunate circumstances, are now asking for your help. Click here to learn more, and SHARE, if anything.

Rounding out the stunt reel playlist for this week are Lunar Stunts’s own Mikey Arce and Irvin Nguyen, and stunt players James Hutchison, Jeff Budner, Mike Li, Meghan Koch, Serena Ly, Marc Padró and Mike Snow.

Promotional items are light this week but well worth it with the latest official poster reveal for Trent Dickens’s upcoming shortfilm, Panda, chronicling a masked man’s psychedelic night of debauchery, chaos and violence. More trailer footage is coming but feel free to sample an earlier gem just beneath the poster.

Onto the fights and films for this week and there are definitely a few favorites of my own here.

First up is a nifty little action experiment by Lloyd Pitts with performances by Jordan Salmon and Leon Ngo in Edamame, followed by Ken Dinh‘s latest action-packed commercial directing gig with fellow Icybolt Pictures cohort, actor and martial artist Peter Pham. 

Following that is a quick close quarters group test fight led by Adam Brashaw, Tanay Genco Ulgen with a spectacular practice fight of his own with Tally Rodin and Nilo Ghajar-Williams and Zac Oyama who apparently has a story to fight his way through over at College Humor regarding his sleep deprivation, with action direction by John Kreng.

Filmmaker Godefroy Ryckewaert is next in the playlist with a delightful comedic short with performances by Elise Anderson Scotto and Genévieve Doang titled Strange Encounters, centered on two women discussing two very different versions of the same thing. The project is a clever spin-off from a previous shortfilm I shared last February and hopefully you’ve stuck around since then. If not, then, well I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to clue you in.

Next we have Jason Cavalier LeBeouf, Dark Knight and classic circumstantial victim in the latest pisstake against Zack Snyder in Jonathan Bedard’s Batman: Son Of Gotham. The action here is a plus for the comedy that ensues.. and just in time for Mothers’ Day too!

Czech Republic-based fencing and stunt troupe, Balestra, follows through with gory new action short, The Revenge. Actor and filmmaker Juan Bofill takes the podium thereafter with Christopher Llorca in Bofill’s newest action short, Tatakai, and I have to say this one has some of the best action beats I’ve seen in a Karate-oriented fight setting since Vlad Rimburg’s Osu and Osu 2, and Nagasaki Shunichi’s enthralling 2007 action period drama, Kuro Obi.

Winding down, we have actor and martial artist Hayden Lam who, while we await the hard-hitting action of Crows, grants a purely relatable, hilarious new action comedy piece with Marquis Williams in Phone Wars.

Last and farthest from the least is a great inspired fan film from director Jason Satterlund, and with all the knowledge in the world that any Star Wars fan film has to have a sense of cohesive intensity in ita narrative. He peppers it quite a bit in both action and dialogue with actor Aris Juson and actress Deborah Smith in Star Wars: The Force And The Fury, which actually came out last month but I finally found it via Twitter over at Live For Films, and I’m more than pleased to include it as an exciting finale in this week’s Hit List.

Hit PLAY and enjoy, folks!

Last week’s entries should be ample enough to fill you up some. Check it out and be sure to subscribe to the channels, and if you or someone you know has a terrific new shortfilm, action or stunt demo or project that needs promoting in our weekly Hit List, don’t hestitate to hit us up at!