Suit Up And Watch The New Trailer For Yuichi Fukuda's JOSHI ZU

Set to release domestically on June 7 is Hentai Kamen and Kids Police helmer Yuichi Fukuda‘s latest poke at Tokusatsu parody in the new film, Joshi Zu, and following a first teaser introduced back in February, we now have a full trailer which you can look at below the synopsis. While I’m not completely immersed in the world of Tokusatsu as much as I would like to be, I get it though. I’m quite charmed and I would pay to see this. And you would too…yes, you would.

Stop shaking your head.

Mirei Kiritani, Mika Aota, Mitsuki Takahata, Kasumi Arimura and Mizuki Yamamoto lead the main cast. Fukuda‘s next comedy flick, Barairo no Buko arrives in Japan a month earlier.


To battle a malicious monster, five women are gathered in front of Commander Charles against their will. The five women are selected because they each have a family name that represents a colour. The five women are filled with doubts about what they are able to do collectively, but they go up against the monster using their lethal technique “Women Tornado”. The five women can only use the “Women Tornado” when they are all gathered together.

H/T: MovieCollectionJP, Filmsmash