THE HIT LIST – March 23, 2015

Well, another weekend has passed with some rough bumps and Monday is here. Of course, this means The Hit List is back and its obviously a little shorter which was bound to happen. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty here to pay attention to, so know that this won’t be a complete waste of your time…

On that note, the reels are here! Check it all out with stuntwomen Michaela Chernoch, Tally Rodin and Mallory Thompson, and stuntmen Adam Lytle, Keith Lemay and Shane Yan, in addition to a cool new trickling sampler from actor, comedic and martial arts talent Cong Guo, and a fresh new fight sampler from the folks at Fight Factory/108 with Vaughndio Forbes and Michael Lehr.

Real quickly, let’s get a crowdfunder going if possible here from Czech filmmmaker Miroslav Karel who has been mainly active in Shanghai since 2011. It turns out that he himself has an eye for action filmmaking for which he now he has a campaign with his newest short film project, Kaiser. The conceptual details being introduced on the current Indiegogo page are pretty flat at the moment as I suspect the plot itself is being kept a secret, so for a 45-minute long shortfilm, I’d say there’s plenty more to look forward to, and of course you can read more about their movement, and the assortment of the whos, hows and whys at Indiegogo. But, they do have a cool looking teaser which does look pretty neat in sharing just the tone Karel and his team want to go for. Watch it.

One suitcase, and two soldiers fighting for its possession. Only it doesn’t matter what’s in it, because the fighting is as fantastic as the hilarity. Hard Case is the most recent video shared on the official YouTube channel for Bloody Underground Productions as of last year, so presumably the folks behind the scenes have been busy with up-keep on other ends. Hopefully we’ll hear more from these folks as time passes, but do check this out if you are new to this.

“The Raven” knows more than what our hero may be in for, as is always the case with espionage and crime at the highest levels. Defining the term, Retribution rightfully is the latest short from film duo, director Justin Kruse and actor James MacDonald in a story of one man’s search for the truth before a bullet finds him first. 12 minutes and counting with great storytelling and short bursts of action in between the intensity is what you get, and Kruse is no stranger to what he does as he clearly shows he can do it well. Take a look!

It’s a story of unlikely heroes…and weapons. Following production last year, the new shortfilm, Nerf: Rebellion is finally here from writer and director John Eagan and Dreamfire Films in association with Eternal Circle Productions. The second episode arrived today, but you can feel free to check out the first below, as well as an official fanpage where you can find out more on how to donate if you wish to see this project converted into something bigger.

Next up, Elit Unit helmer Cedric Tellier’s latest screenbout with Kevin Remy is finally here titled La Casse. Short and sweet with lots of damage and nasty wrecks to boot, it almost makes you wish these things were longer.

And last but not least, episode two is here for the new season from martial artist filmmaker and creator titled The Way: Fighters Twitch. Actress Rachel Thompson now stakes her claim as she is forced to fight her way from the clutches of an enigmatic foe in a story that fuses suspense and mystery with martial arts action in darkness and intrigue, all in a spiritual homage to Bruce Lee. Enjoy!

Bare the honorable mentions in mind as last weeks second episode of Cambodian Killers and all three thematic episodes of Ty Burnham: The Last Asian Cowboy are now available online. If you missed them, do check those out right now as they’re entirely worth it. In the meantime, subscribe to all these channels above and check last week’s Hit List for some more exciting content if you missed any of it. And, by all means, if you have a QUALITY project you would like hosted here, drop us a line at!