THE HIT LIST: August 14, 2017

My weekend was pretty huge for movies. My thoughts on Wolf Warrior 2 are up on my Instagram as well as posts about S.S. Rajamouli’s Bahubali saga so feel free to skim those through and follow me as well as I also cross post news there.

The news also includes the latest on what’s what in the weekly Hit List and we begin with a new round of stunt and training reels from around the web. Anna Akimova gets things going this week with her latest reel followed by Jake Teel, D.L. MacDonald, Tyler Street, Jessica Stafford, Graham Hooper, Andy Whitmarsh, Samuel Horowitz, Monica Lopez, Noel Martinez, Casey Michaels, Bronson Cameron, Yessenia Cossio, Aaron D. Alexander, Antjuan Rhames, Donovan Law, Ai Ikeda, Justin Mane, Lukaz Leong and Cassie Lee Minnick, along with Benjamin J. Redic III and the crew at Ballistic Blade, multifaceted stuntmen and fight choreographers Fernando Jay Huerto and Geo Corvera, and Australia’s own Asaya Yasushi with a newly launched team reel for Team Yas!

As for promotional gems, there’s plenty to gush over and especially if you have an UltraFlix subscriber – Even moreso if you’ve been keeping up with Iron Dragon TV whose founder, actress and martial artist Janell Smith just hosted this year’s debut IDTV Action Fest in Texas, now ripe with a raft of featured shorts and selected ‘Bests’ ranging from Clayton Barber’s Eric Jacobus headliner, Blindsided, to Holy Bastards’s proof-of-concept, You Can’t Hear Me – You Can’t See Me, Samuel Smith’s Tengu: Birdmen Of The Mountains, and many, many more now available on Iron Dragon TV for subscribers.

Head over to the official IDTV website with links to the listed entries and subscription access!

Time to finish things on a fantastic, fight-filled high-note, and as a small matter of trivia, at least three of the people in the following projects have their stunt reels listed, so feel free to try and spot them! ?

Beyond that, we begin with the return of a nifty “tasting” this summer from Bronson Cameron and Joshua Zacharias, and a parkour-packed action skit from the UrbanAmadei channel with Amadei Weiland and Niklas Kinzel, and Victoria Simone and Al James getting in some fight time with Lawrence Yip behind the moves and the lensing.

Next up is an impromptu video from Lunar Stunts cutting loose with some training featuring Mickey Arce, and brothers Irvin and Eric Nguyen among the bunch, along with cosplay powerhouse, actor and martial artist Ben Bergmann killin’ some ninjas in a piece inspired by The Witcher 4, actress Josie Renault in a sexy cat and mouse game with Kamy Bruder in the sleek, brutal, musical action short, Jacked, Vlad Rimburg’s latest pre-viz entry with stunt players on Batman: The Telltale Series, and Lauren Mary Kim host to another filmic, kinetic, third entry into the Kali Diaries now with actress Amy Johnston.

Rounding it all out are the latest stylings from the rabble rousers at Art School Dropouts in Samurai Gunman with Joey Min and DL MacDonald, Wolf Warrior 2 badass Aaron Toney consuming the JAM gym facility in Reseda behind the camera for an ensemble action previz dubbed The Nightbreed, Adeola Alao throwing Wadi Jones, Ricky Barksdale and Andrew Mihalko in the mix for Supply Drop, Donald Brooks and Aaron D. Alexander doin’ it old-school in Leather Jacket Jive Turkeys, and Indian film fan and YouTube personality Anthony Alba in comedic short, Raging Bullish – this one was purely delightful and I couldn’t NOT share it.

Enjoy the hits!

Feast your eyes on last week’s Hit List if you’re pining for more action, and don’t hesitate to subscribe to the channels as your show of support. And, as always, if you or someone you know has a kickass demo reel or a project in the works, or something they think deserves presenting, send it to us at for a closer look at!