LADY BLOODFIGHT Officially Adds Two More With Four New Posters

The production of director Chris Nahon‘s new tournament action thriller, Lady Bloodfight, is set to resume at some point between later this month and February. Not all the details are being handed out just yet, although we’ve already been graced with a number of viral photos dating back to late last year with Nahon joined by actress Amy Johnston, producer Bey Logan and action choreographer Hung Yan Yan and others.

Nowadays, with filming almost right around the corner, Logan is currently unveiling four new promotional character photos for two of the film’s actresses, Kathy Wu as Wai and Jet Tranter as Cassidy. For those of you who have been keeping up, Tranter was previously attached to star in the film in its previous iteration as Lady Bloodsport with a different cast line-up being prepped for plans to film late in 2013. For whatever reasons there were, however, evidently the production steered in a new direction and changes were made in lieu of the film’s European Film Market announcement at the top of 2014. Alas, with Tranter still attached, it will be interesting to see who will further line-up our combatants for this international female-centric action thriller.

Check out the pictures below!

From Voltage Pictures, Lady Bloodfight joins Wu and Tranter with Jenny Wu and lead actress Amy Johnston in the story of Jane, a traveling backpacker in Asia whose exceptional fighting skills are put to the test against hidden forces of evil within “The Kumite”, an all-female underground fight circuit. As earlier, more casting details are expected in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for more announcements!