BBAENGBAN: ‘Coin Locker Girl’ Helmer’s Hit-And-Run Thriller Puts The Pedal To The Metal This Month

Moviegoers looking toward more from Coin Locker Girl helmer Han Jun-Hee can now come-to with the new action thriller otherwise titled Bbaengban. Kong Hyo-Jin (A Single Rider, Volcano High) leads the cast with the narrative for which its title is based on a slang term used to describe the police unit responsible for investigating hit-and-run cases.

According to news from KoBiz, Such is what entails for Kong in the role of Eun Shi-Yeon, a police lieutenant demoted to a hit-and-run investigation team hot on the trail of Jung Jae-Cheol, a former F1 racer and ambitious entrepreneur who lives for speed and luxury. Actor Jo Jung-Suk (My Annoying Brother) will play Jung opposite Kong with a cast that includes Ryoo Joon-Yeol and Jeon Hye-Jin, as well as actress Yeom Jung-Ah (The Mimic), and SHINee member Key in what is said to be his first starring role.

The first preliminary artwork has since arrived and gone viral as production begins courtesy of Showbox with a release tentatively set for later this year. Check it out below!