KNIGHT IN THE RAIN: Help Blue Kanji Films Crowdfund Their Debut Martial Arts Sci-Fi Feature

Just on the heels of a major launch party this week in Santa Fe, California, independent production company Blue Kanji Films is gearing up with two months of crowdfunding ahead for their first-ever feature film production, Knight In The Rain. The project marks the latest debut for actor and filmmaker Wilder Herms, returning to the set once again with actor and martial artist D.Y. Sao after earlier starring in R.L. Scott’s 2010 martial arts thriller, Champion Road: Arena.

The project is currently underway with a concept teaser, with the goal of hopefully raising anywhere from $66k to stretch goals at or beyond $100k to begin production next year for a 2016 release. Set in futuristic San Francisco, Sao himself will lead in a story as Luke Knight, who, with the help of colorful friends, must fend against an evil corporate CEO and crime lord and his minions, and while the plot here may come off as fuzzy, it’s also just a glimpse of what could come as there may be some twists and turns along the way for a film of this caliber, on top of branishing a heavy-dose of sci-fi visuals, action and stylish brutality with martial arts at its very core. With that in mind, you may be wondering just why D.Y. Sao, member of international martial arts stage troupe, Kung Fu Heroes, is the man of choice to lead this story. Well, unless you’ve seen Champion Road: Arena, you may also catch him a recently-released experimental martial arts webseries pilot for Cambodian Killers, which should answer some of your concerns.

The Indiegogo page is officially up and running with perks ready and waiting for your generous donations. Plus, it’s the holidays, so if you’re in a giving mood, feel free to click this link, visit the page and meet the cast and crew behind this latest action-packed endeavor worthy of fan support!