Godzilla 1985 FINALLY hits DVD and Blu Ray!!!

Godzilla fans made out like bandits during this era, with practically ALL of his films seeing uncut, widescreen releases (with decent subtitles no less!). The pinnacle of these releases was the Classic Media edition of the original Gojira; released in its original, haunting glory for the first time in the U.S. (a feat that only took 50 years!). This special (ultimate?) edition included both the original Japanese version and its American counterpart, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, As if that weren’t enough, Classic Media threw in lots of special features with an audio commentary by Godzilla film historians serving as the cherry on top. This would be the first of a series that would set the gold standard for Goji releases. But in all the excitement, one film was conspicuously missing, Godzilla 1985 (a.k.a. The Return Of Godzilla).