Justice Has A New Name In Jesse Haaja’s RENDEL. Watch The First Official Trailer!

Thanks to filmmaker Jesse Haaja’s own devotion and tenacity, the longstanding notion of non-existent comic book superhero properties within Finland’s own fandom is no more. His feature debut, Rendel, has a Finnish release on September 22 approaching following its acquisition by Raven Banner nearly a year ago and now we have our first official, and rather stunning new trailer with all the trimmings…and beatings!

And four years in active development and construction as well with nods of inspiration from the likes of The Punisher and Spawn; Rendel takes place in fictitious Finnish city of Mikkeli, now ground zero for one man’s all-out war against a courrpt powerful drug company, VALA, in wake of newly launched, untested vaccine called Nh25. With VALA’s evil grip on the world industry and market looming, needless to say our hero springs into action with his own brand of justice triggering an all out war with corporate acolytes and mercenaries alike.

Actor Kristofer Gummerus takes on the title role with Rami Rusinen, Matti Onnismaa, Alina Tomnikov, Bianca Bradley and Sheila Shah also starring. Per Haaja’s own preferences, we don’t get to see a full extent of our dark hero’s abilities yet, but the presence of fighting prowess here, per fight choreographer Mikko Löppönen’s own treatment, is a feasible plus as far as trailers are concerned making Rendel worth the attention it seeks.

Watch the official trailer below and stay tuned for more info!