FIRST LOVE Swoons Online With A Cast Teaser For Takashi Miike’s New Action Thriller

Anyday is a good day to be a Takashi Miike fan! So much so that his latest, First Love, landed the Directors’ Fortnight line-up at Cannes from HanWay Films and is now unveiling a first look teaser to kick things in motion. Rounding out the cast is an octet comprised of actors Masataka Kubota (Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul: S), and actress Sakurako Konishi, with Nao Omori (Ichi The Killer), Shota Sometani (Legend Of The Demon Cat), actress and singer Becky (Eight Ranger, Eight Ranger 2), and actors Jun Murakami (upcoming Aircraft Carrier Ibuki), Sansei Shiomi (Beyond Outrage, Outrage Coda) and Seiyo Uchino (13 Assassins).