Mayu Kawamoto Enters Her Inner-Dragon In A New HIGH KICK ANGELS Clip!

By the good graces of our unknown movie gods, action fans will get to see actress Mayu Kawamoto in director Norio Tsuruta’s forthcoming summer zombie actioner, Z-Zed. And not for nothing either, as Kawamoto also happens to be the real deal: a Kyokushin karate blackbelt, to boot. Such is the reason she now gets to show off her screenfighting chops in director Yokoyama Kazuhiro‘s new flick, High Kick Angels, about a group of high school girls trying to make an indie Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan-style martial arts flick on campus when they suddenly find themselves swarmed by a gang of thugs.

You can now catch some of the action in a brand new clip below, ahead of the film’s domestic June 14 release in Japan. With any luck, we’ll hear some outside distribution news soon enough!