Lana Condor Gears Up For ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL

And to think it was just last year that X-Men fans learned of then-newcomer, actress Lana Condor for the role of Jubilee in this year’s X-Men: Apocalypse. Well, it’s nice to know she’s piling on with her latest expected appearance in the film Patriot’s Day which opens this December, and now she’s ready to tackle the live-action manga scene in Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel.

Deadline reports that Condor will join the cast that so far includes Jackie Earle Haley, Ed Skrein, Eiza Gonzalez and Christoph Waltz, with actress Rosa Salazar in tje title role. Inspired by Kishiro Yukito’s 1990-1995 Shueisha manga, Salazar will play Alita, an amnesiac cyborg whose head is found by a scientist in a scrapyard in a dystopian future America, and refurbished as a battle-capable cyborg huntress named after the scientist’s cat. Skrein will star opposite Salazar in the role of Zapan, a villanous cyborg who wields a weapon called the Damascus Blade while Waltz stars as the doctor who salvages Alita and transforms her into the battle-ready heroine.

James Cameron and Jon Landau are producing the film at 20th Century Fox with release details pending.