SPECIAL AGENT: Stuntman Shin Jae-Myung’s Feature Directing Debut Lands A Trailer

Hat tip to City On Fire via HanCinema with a trailer for Special Agent, from stuntman-turned-director Shin Jae-myung. The film is slated for a local release on November 19 and stars Bad Guys: Reign Of Chaos actors Lee Jae-yoon, Gong Jung-hwan and Kim Kang-il. The film sees Lee in the role of an NIS agent who sets off on a mission to lead men to eliminate VIPs developing weapons of mass destruction in North Korea. Shin’s background in martial arts and action direction includes Gangnam Blues, Choi Min-sik starrer The Admiral: Roaring Currents, Min Kyu Dong’s The Treacherous, and Lee Han’s A Melody To Remember.