THE HIT LIST: February 6, 2017

My weekend was ridic. Fun at the very top but ended up with quite a plateful that I almost couldn’t get this week’s Hit List done.

…I think I might take next week off too… we’ll see. As for this week, it’s a guarantee and we’re starting off with playlists host to some great stunt action and demo reels from around the web. And far from hiding my fandom in the age of Wonder Woman is the very soundtrack that now consumes you in a new stunt reel by Jessi Fisher, followed by an oldie-but-goodie revival from David Neyts, a late entry with Alix Schwartz (more on her later), John Nania and Alex Marshall-Brown. Rounding out the playlist are reels by Giordano Sabatini, Hannah Betts, Jerome Gaspard, Tianna Webberly, Jérémy Margalle and hard-hitting action star and co-star of Jesse V. Johnson’s Savage Dog, Cung Le!

As for promotional assets, a select number of stills are now out along with a new poster for director Samuel Smith’s new upcoming short, I Am Not The Devil. It’s his second venture following Tengu: Birdmen Of The Mountains, and features UK actor and martial artist David Cheung, and a plot summary of no kind can currently be found online so we don’t have much to go on. However, this isn’t Cheung’s first rodeo in film as I’ve all but enjoyed covering him in the last three years off and on, and considering his recent accolaces with Tengu in its current festival run, I wouldn’t write this one off. Footage may be long to arrive but I’ll be sure to follow up on this project as soon as things make headway some more, but we do have some stills below as well as a poster to start with, designed courtesy of artist Isabel White.

Just beneath is an exhilirating proof of concept teaser for Intrepid which released over the weekend. It features actor Booboo Stewart leading the action-packed sequences centered on a rogue clarvoyant gifted with the ability to predict and prevent his own death, and you can read more of my thoughts on it by clicking HERE.

Onto the shortform end of things and for this, we get a look at Angie Kim and her latest bit of fight practice with Jay Kwon and Allen Quindigan, followed by stuntman Dylan Hintz’s latest contribution with Andrew Kim as promised per last week from his visit to NYC. Michael Lehr keeps the pace going some with Suzuki Kimmy and Jenna Hellmuth while Bueno keeps the zany going with Suzaku‘s latest misadventures over at Garage Hero, and by way of the legendary Cynthia Rothrock’s own approval, a fan fight inspired by Sammo Hung’s 1986 Hong Kong classic, Millionaire’s Express, sets the example with performances by Gabriela Rodriguez and Chris Jynx McClure. The playlist finishes with Rising Tiger Films‘s own Edmond Shum breaking in new talent with performers Geoffrey Boggs, Lekir Stunt Action’s The Bondsman, Flawless Films’s Lord Of The Rings-inspired short, The Ranger, and a thrilling new fantasy action shortfilm, Salem: The Witch Hunters Chronicles, starring the aforementioned Alix Schwartz and Caitlin Hutson, and directed by Lou Giannopoulos.

Last and far from least is the limited-time availability of The Danger Element a webseries which eventually saw its way to a feature film edit currently in waiting for a release with John Soares starring and directing. The project saw a truly long and incredible journey for Soares in his efforts and he shared his story in a lengthy and candid interview with us late last year and you’re more than welcome to check it out.

Soares stars as the member of a secret order of vigilantes, afflicted by a demonic entity while faced with a deadly and dangerous mission to protect a certain element from falling in the wrong hands. Soares is joined by Cassie Meder and Doug Jones.

That about wraps up this week’s edition of The Hit List and if you want more action, there’s always plenty to view from last week. Follow the channels and lend your support and share the Hit List with your friends, and if you or someone you know has a smashing demo reel or an equally kick-ass project you would like for us to weigh in on, hit us up at