Help Killerwolf Films And Leo Fong Meet The CHALLENGE OF THE FIVE GAUNTLETS At Indiegogo

Filmmaker and actor Len Kabasinski (Ninja: Prophecy Of Death, Angel Of Reckoning) is crowdfunding a first in his independent stride at Killerwolf Films. Challenge Of The Five Gauntlets is planning a late July/early August shoot with newly-added co-star, actor martial artist and legendary action thesp, Leo Fong.

The action adventure centers on a family that has exhausted all known avenues to save their gravely ill young child. Their last ditch hopes now rest in the hands of Kane, a relic hunter and gifted pugilist who must battle his way through a spate of warrior gatekeepers to abstain the clues necessary to find the mystical healing artifact known as “Buddha’s Tooth”.

The film marks Kabasinski’s own debut into the martial arts genre sans the usual low budget horror, action and creature lore seen in his work. Fong’s own film history is far from mainstream but nonetheless shares DNA with the legendary likes of Cynthia Rothrock, Richard Norton, Chuck Jeffreys, actor Geoffrey Lewis, Andre Lima and the Machado family.

The Indiegogo is on the clock for the next two months with a goal of $50,000 and with perks also in store for those interested. Check out his testimony and feel free to donate!