Nothing Is Sacred In The New Shortfilm Trailer For BLACK SCAR BLUES

It certainly comes with great pleasure that I finally get to talk about the longstanding work from filmmakers Lester “Leroy” Nguyen, and Edmond Shum and the folks over at independent filmgroup, Rising Tiger Films. While I had known of them for some time, I’ve come into the new year with an ample opportunity to finally observe more of their material with an eye on several of their latest projects, namely their latest shortfilm crime drama, Black Scar Blues.

Clocked in at about forty-five minutes, the shortfilm is the team’s biggest project so far, featuring Nguyen and Shum in a gritty, gruesome character study centered on a friendship between two low-level drug pushers, and the destruction that ensues when high ambitions deepen personal wounds. Its neo-noir setting, coupled with some great performances by Nguyen and actress Queen Sayat, and strong color contrasts between the intense drama and violent imagery make for a well-balanced head-stomping ode to the genre that, in my humble opinion, would make Brian De Palma quite proud.

Black Scar Blues is currenrly awaiting confirmation from its other film festival entires for this year before its planned commercial release. In the meantime check out the trailer for Black Scar Blues in the player below.