DEFYING CHASE Gets A Brutal Trailer For Li Bing-Yuan’s Action-Packed Debut

Actor Li Bing-Yuan is expanding his horizons following credits on Jet Li headliner Fearless and Hark Tsui’s The Taking Of Tiger Mountain to name a few. He’s got moves of his own and judging by the most recent trailer for Defying Chase, enough screenfighting caliber to exhume and showcase for the masses.

It’s especially one seemingly targeting fans of burgeoning martial arts stars like Song Yue in recent memory. From what I’ve sifted from forums online, Li tackles both sides of the lens for the story of a gifted fighter forced to pull out all the moves he has when he finds himself embroiled in contraband jewely – a narrative that ultimately includes some serious head-bludgeoning fight scenery that speaks volumes to hardcore genre fans.

The addition of actor and premiere traceur star David Belle also lends something interesting to the fray in his continued profusion in mainland Chinese cinema in recent years. Rounding out the cast are Bing Lei Li and Yi Xuan Huang with Hong Xiang Wang and Norman Chu also starring for its March 30 release.

I’m not entirely sure if this will see a legitimate overseas release but do check out the trailer and character posters below to stir the interest at least. It’s got its share of the silly too but… yeah, big kicks, brutal fight action, blows to the head and such. Bon appetit!

DEFYING CHASE: Character Posters