The Final Fight Is Only The Beginning In The New Shortfilm, THE LAST GIRL!

Independent filmmaker Jela Oba Okpara has taken to YouTube this week to unveil his latest futuristic martial arts infused shortfilm, The Last Girl. An original work among several the director plans to make in his career-dedicated tribute to making authentic, human-driven Asian-stylized action films with his production banner, Spectacle Pictures, The Last Girl features Raze co-star, actress Marissa Pistone as the central focus of one man’s mission to protect the last girl on Earth against a troublesome villain and his little sidekick. Actors Nick Denbeigh, Lincoln Centeio and William J. Hill round out the cast, with fight choreography by Chibi and assistant choreographer Fan Wu.

Since the shortfilm earned its Audience Choice recognition at last year’s Action On Film Festival in Santa Monica, California, Okpara has already begun working on another fresh new shortfilm to dazzle online action fans in the upcoming year. In addition, Film Combat Syndicate has also learned that Okpara recently finished drafting a script to expand The Last Girl into feature-length territory, set in a much bigger universe with an even bigger scope and TONS of characters and surprises for fans.

For now, The Last Girl can now be viewed in the embed below at the official YouTube channel for Spectacle Pictures where you may also subscribe, as well as find isolated clips from the new shortfilm featuring the final fight, and the action-packed outro. You can also click here to read my previous discussion with the director, in addition to the trailer and several set pics and more!