THE HIT LIST: November 27, 2017

Believe it or not, we’re coming down the wire with the Hit Lists of 2017! December 4 will be the last entry before I recommence things in January. Until then, I am also preparing content for the next several weeks in which I discuss upcoming films to look out for in 2018, so stick around for those as well.

For now though, it’s business as usual for The Hit List assembling the week’s stunt and demo reels and projects.

Stuntman, actor and filmmaker Diego Ramiro gives us an impressive showing this week with an spirited action comedy reel showcasing just what a versatile talent he is. He kicks off this week’s playlist with more reels by Kimberly Root, Andrew Nadanyi, Valisa Tate, Adam Carson, Marina Volkova, Geoffrey Boggs, Molly Thomas, Felix Cortes, Jeffrey Mayfield, Trevor de Groot and Chad Riley.

It’s time for some trailer gems and thus, the past decade or so have seen a sizeable raft of creatives among which only a handful have provenly taken the initiative in emulating visions that pay such organic, visceral homage to 80’s Hong Kong action filmlore. Australia’s own Adrian Castro continues this effort once more with three-part Girls With Guns action webseries, Tiger Cops, in reunion with actress Maria Tran who has performed at the forefront on similar conceptual proofs from Castro. The two are joined by Steven Oliver and legendary Hong Kong cinema star, actor and martial artist Richard Norton also star among the raft of characters now available in the latest trailer before we venture into the new promo for Noah Fleder’s own forthcoming endeavors at Force Storm with the new series, Legend Of The Kickmaster kicking off on January 18.

It’s time to round out the week’s fights and films and Dardrex’s Darren Holmquist set it off with a lesson in Anger Management with R Marcos Taylor and Angela Lynn among the cast. The next video sees the resurfacing of a group called Legionarius and their latest is called Combate Escencio, and that’s really all I have to go on since there’s nothing in credits or in the description while the short itself is a worthy view.

Pirhana Stunts members Danang and Evan, and director Majid shepherd Man Of Jungle with some fantastic and speedy fight execution before we make two revisits: a recent re-upload of action comedy skit, Invisible Danger, with David “Dax” Bauer and Seth Austin, and, and Juan Bofill’s Karate-infused Tatakai: The Battle, which proved itself twice with award-winning fruition at the Urban Action Showcase and Expo seventeen days ago.

Kingslayer Joey Min makes his final bid to akwaken a kingdom of live-action role players and their deluded king in the webseries finale of The Forbidden Kingdom: A Kung Fu Larp Story, and writer and Samuel Delitans Lee sets the stage for a shady businessman’s underworld brawl to rescue the love of his life in the new short, Rescue Before Dusk, led by Peps Goh and Shian Wen.

I’m looking forward to December 4 guys. If you have some time to spare then last week’s Hit List should be more than appealing! Sub to the channels and SHARE the Hit List with friends, and as always, if you or someone you know does action as badass as some of today’s crowdpleasing badasses and you would like a stake in our weekly Hit List, hit us up at!