AROUND THE WEB: Super Mario Vs. Link, Second Chances And Fighting Social Networking Distractions

Three new spectacular action shorts made their way online this week, and for this, we have to thank the participants of independent film groups, the California-based teams EMC Monkeys and SubOverHype, Canada’s own Yung Lee of GakAttack.

The first features a brand new interpretive comedic action short titled Live Action Super Mario vs Link, with EMC member Xin Wuku back as a fired-up Super Mario opposite actor Johnny Yang as the classic Legend Of Zelda character, Link, with a special (royal) appearance by Thousand Pounds Action Company’s own, actress Amy Johnston, as the captive princess waiting for her rescue…but from which hero? Check it out!

The second brings our friends from SubOverHype back to the screen in a dramatic new skit titled Second Chances. Written by Laura Brooks and co-writer and director Caine Sinclair, their new situational drama shares an artful, surreal look at conflicting situations, rendering the finale with a noteworthy reflection on starting over. It’s one of their more darker-toned pieces and shows just how good these up-and-coming folks are at what they do, in designing drama and action with a cinematic message. Watch actor Solomon Brende and actress Ashley Dianne Currie in the new short, featuring stunt action by Noah Fleder, Alvin Hsing, Kyle McClean, Jimmy Chiuu, Vanessa Zamarippa, and Sarah “Smac” Macreanor.

Last but not least, it is Yung Lee‘s newest shortfilm titled Fighting Social Media Distractions, double-teaming with fellow screenfighter, actress Wei-Hsin Lee who you may remember from the summer short film sequel from Eclipse Stunts, Hallowed 2. It features both actors taking on a live-action battlefront of social media bombardments performed by Justin Howell as Facebook, and Tally Rodin as YouTube, and caters to the usual signature quirky humor and comedic timing that Yung Lee has become so good at in his videos. Take a look below and enjoy!

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